Make sure you are using the latest version of your syllabus.

  • While on campus you can locate your common syllabus on the M: at 
    M:\Curriculum Development\[Common Syllabus]\CURRENT (Active) Semester

  • While off campus you can download your common syllabus from WebAdvisor

There are three things to think about
  • When preparing to personalize your section-level syllabus, please refer to the Syllabus Permissions Faculty document 

    • This document will guide you through which areas you may add information to or edit to meet the specific needs of your section​

  • In addition, the CAFE has put together a video titled Personalizing Your Syllabus that serves as a helpful resource to guide your decision making​

  • ​For fall of 2019 faculty will be assessing artifacts for the Core Abilities of Manage Information, Work Cooperatively and Demonstrate Social and Cultural Awareness.

  • To learn more about the Core Ability initiative and to see how they are distributed among the courses visit the Schoolcraft website

  • For even more information, contact your Core Ability Team Leader

Check with your Department Chair or Representative to find out if there has been a departmentally developed assignment that could meet the Core Ability requirements. Some departments have posted information at M:\Curriculum Development\Departmental Documents. ​Note that you must be on campus to access this folder.

For additional resources visit Assignment Central by adding the Blackboard Organization. To do so, log into Bb, click on Organizations and search for "SC.Core.Abilities". Alternatively, you may contact us and we would be happy to add you to the group. Assignment Central contains many examples of faculty-developed assignments that can help measure your student's progress towards mastering the Core Abilities.


Time to integrate

Personalizing your syllabus
Core Abilities
Creating learning plans or course assignments

For other elements of course design, please check out the Integrating Excellence in Teaching and Learning handbook.

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